Benefits for Businesses

My work with businesses and non-profit organizations focuses on two areas:

Group Medical Insurance 
With healthcare costs spiraling upwards, businesses need to be provided the benefits they desire at the lowest possible cost.  Each year I 'shop' my clients' medical needs and budget to numerous insurance carriers to find the optimal match.  Also, the insurance broker I work with acts as an intermediary between clients and carriers if administrative and claim disputes arise.  

Retirement Plans 
A number of retirement plans are available to non-profit and for-profit organizations, including SIMPLE IRA and SEP IRAs.  I guide employers through this maze until we determine which plan is appropriate for their employees.  Factors to be considered include administrative expenses, possible employer contributions, and strategies to include choices that reflect socially responsible investing.  After the plan is implemented I continue to support the employees by offering company workshops on financial health and individual consultations.

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