My Business Philosophy & Commitment
I believe that before we can enjoy financial health, we need to clearly define our expectations and boundaries. What will financial wealth provide in our lives? More important, what do we desire that material wealth can't provide? Articulating our values will lay the groundwork for a realistic and sustainable socially responsible financial plan defined by risk management, savings, & long-term growth. The result? We're then able to better focus on what truly nourishes us and our friends, family and community.

My commitment is to help you
  • Organize your assets and finances
  • Clarify your financial values and goals
  • Determine your true tolerance to market volatility
  • Implement appropriate strategies while managing risk
  • Be financially responsive to life's transitions

      My clients enjoy
    • Creation of a plan emphasizing risk management, savings, and long-term growth
    • Systematic monitoring of their investment portfolio
    • Periodic plan revisions that reflect changes in their priorities and risk tolerance

        My expectations from clients
      • A desire to create a plan for the accumulation and distribution of their wealth
      • A willingness to express their values through Socially Responsible Investing
      • The discipline to persevere with their plan through market volatility

          • ** Social Investment Forum: 2011 Report on Socially Responsible Investing Trends in the U.S.

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