2012 Workshops
 I've taught workshops on financial planning at a number of schools, including Bastyr University, South Seattle Community College, and UW's Experimental College. The classes focus on education versus product recommendation, and are an excellent way to clarify financial issues in our lives. Contact me for times and locations for the class series open to the public. JustinHarris@srinvest.org
Financial Health 101
This class is a thorough introduction to financial planning! We'll cover the three elements of financial health (Risk Management, Savings, and Growth) as well as the fundamentals of investing and retirement planning. We'll also examine unrealistic financial expectations created by our fear or greed. 

Socially Responsible Investing
Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is the process of integrating our values and/or faith into our investment decision-making. Join this class to learn about the essentials of SRI, as well as relevant and interesting case studies putting SRI into practical context for you.    

'529 Plans' Help Pay for College
Finally, an affordable, tax-smart way to fund a college education for your children and grandchildren. This class will review IRS-approved 529 Prepaid Tuition Plans and 529 Savings Plans that can maximize the advantages of tax-exempt earnings and generous gifting guidelines.  

Long Term Care Insurance
The "Golden Years" often present challenges that can strain our finances as well as our health. This workshop is for anyone concerned about how to meet the rising cost of health and personal care for individuals with prolonged illness and disabilities.  

The Wealth of an Ordinary Life
This 1 1/2 day course is for those wanting to make a significant shift in their knowledge and perspective on finances. Topics covered include Risk Management (wills, health directives, insurance: medical, life, disabilty, and long term care); Savings(budgets, short-term goals, debt management); Growth (funding children's college education, retirement planning, fundamentals of investing, socially responsible investing; Real Estate (first home purchase, re-financing, buying rental property); Taxes (new tax laws, tax tips for individuals and small business owners); Emotional Dynamics (family patterns; resistances; strategies to overcome procrastination; groundwork for an action plan); Creating a Vision (articulating goals and obstacles, strategies to succeed; action plan; follow-up). Please call for more information.  
** Social Investment Forum: 2011 Report on Socially Responsible Investing Trends in the U.S.

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